Emulated_Hue has stopped working and I'm not sure why

I’m running HA on my synology NAS in a docker container. I used the information here to stop nginx from redirecting port 80 requests to port 5000 and everything worked fine for a couple of months.

However, Alexa voice control stopped working so I tried to browse to http://serverip:80/description.xml to troubleshoot and I am getting error 400 “Request Header Or Cookie Too Large” from nginx. I checked and all of my modifications I made initially to the nginx .mustache files to free up port 80 are still there.

I found some reference that suggested increasing large_client_header_buffers in my nginx config files but I don’t want to start making changes without understanding what happened to start causing the error. I don’t know much about nginx and would appreciate any pointers to help troubleshoot this.


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