Emulated Hue or Roku in Docker

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Is anyone able to use emulated hue or roku combined with a docker install of Home Assistant? I’m using host networking, but neither of the emulated integrations will work. I get this error on boot:

OSError: [Errno 98] Address in use

Doesn’t matter what port I specify, its always in use.

No problems with Roku. Even have them in separate guest vlan from HA

Emulated hue is much harder.
I think I could get it to work if same vlan but this not working for me. I can see the xml but I don’t think my devices look outside network so vlan may cause me issue.

I don’t use host networking.

I figured that host networking is the problem. What ports are you exposing in your compose config? I’m pretty sure it has to be more than just 8123.

only 8123 at the moment

I dont use MQTT or Emulated Hue. MQTT default is 1883. Emulated Hue default is 8300 and 8080
not sure if emulated hue works in docker without --host.

All these may be changed from the defaulted values as needed