Emulated hue question

I have been reading a bunch of stuff about the emulated hue and it seems like it is all over the place. So i just setup the emulated hue and I want to use it with google home. does this even work anymore? When I open my google home app and try to link it tells me to push the link button but obviously we can’t do that. Does anyone have any advise on this? I want to try and get this going so I can use my google home to control my broadlink IR blaster.


Found this out, just waited and my google home app found everything on its own under devices.

@DavidK2016 o you have a physical google home device, wondering if this can be done without it? just straight with the google home app?

Hey, yes I have a physical google home.

You tried to link on the Hue website, couldn’t push the button - cancelled and then just waited? How long did you wait before the emulated hue devices appeared?

no tried to link via the hue section in google home device control let it try then fail, gave up and asked the question here. Then a few days later I noticed it was listed in my google home app.