Emulated Hue Stops After a While

Not sure if I’m alone with this problem i recently went around the houses using an Android VM to get Google Home working with emulated hue. (Google Home App Version)

Now emulated hue stops working after a period of time estimated at a few hours.

Anybody else experience this and have a solution?

I’m in HASS version 0.50.2 but this behavior was present in 0.49. running on Synology with Docker.

Yep, l get this too. I usually get 1 day, sometimes two. Restarting home assistant resolves it, but I’m not really sure where to start diagnosing further, the emulated hue API seems to respond like normal, google home says it’s done it, but I never see home assistant call anything at all.

I’m glad I’m not alone and it isn’t specific to my setup. Mine behaves exactly the same as you describe except i don’t even get a day i estimate 5-6 hours.

I have just found an issue which seams similar although for Alexa here:

Looking through the log, one thing I definitely notice when its broken is that I’m not seeing HA saying its serving the page to my Google Home anymore i.e. :

Aug 03 19:21:36 chloe hass[761]: INFO:homeassistant.components.http:Serving /api/12345678901234567890/lights to (auth: False)

This used to occur on a regular basis, maybe every 30 seconds or so. I can see in a netstat that the gogole home is not connected to my HA PI on port 80 at all like it should, so its as though google home has just stopped asking it to do anything… but if that were the case, a restart of the google home would make more sense to resolve it, but that doesnt help at all.

I’ve only just got a Google Home so this and the hue component are brand new to me, but that github issue does sound a bit different to mine because I’m not seeing any emulated hue errors in the logs, but I’m also not seeing the status of anything been served to the google home at all.

Looks @scottbecker found out why…
Emulated Hue stops working after a few hours

I added a script that restarts HASS when it stops listening on the critical udp port to this post