Emulated Hue, Switches in one direction only?

I’m use the emulated hue component to map switches, booleans, etc. to Alexa. I have a boolean switch that allows my alarm to be armed or disarmed. I would like to be able to arm my alarm from Alexa by saying “Alexa, turn on the alarm” but not allow it to be disarmed.

I know I can create an intent to do this, but I was hoping for a solution that doesn’t require me to say “tell Home Assistant”. Is it possible to have a one-way emulated hue switch? If not, is it possible for an automation to know where the request is coming from so it can be thrown out? For example, if one of the conditions is that the source is from emulated hue, don’t allow the disarm?

I ended up solving this with another hidden input_boolean specifically for emulated hue use that didn’t have the off part wired up. Not the cleanest solution, so I would still be interested if there are other solutions.

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