Emulated_hue -- Unknown entity number

Is there anyway to get the source IP of who’s calling this? I have something, no idea what, trying to connect to entities that don’t exist (anymore).

I wiped out Alexa. I never setup Google Home or Smartthings. But something is still trying to call for hue source ids. I need to get the caller IP address so I can track it down.

Any way I can find it?


You could try making the log component for this debug mode…but I don’t see many logs. Who knows, maybe I missed some.

  default: warning
    homeassistant.components.emulated_hue: debug

You could run wireshark or tcpdump. Default port is 8300.

sudo tcpdump -i <interface_id> dst port 8300

Might be a clue there.

There also seems to be some json file it saves (“emulated_hue_ids.json”). Any clues in that? Though that seems like it’s only for google home devices i think. Not sure…

Finally, if nothing else works, just modify the component yourself. Add the following directly to
/components/emulated_hue/hue_api.py at line 301

        if entity_id is None:
            _LOGGER.error("Unknown entity number: %s", entity_number)
            # Adding this line to hopefully find the culprit
            _LOGGER.error("...From IP Address: %s", request[KEY_REAL_IP])
            return self.json_message("Entity not found", HTTP_NOT_FOUND)

I would imagine wireshark or tcpdump would be sufficient though.

Thanks! tcpdump worked – it is still my Echo Dot! Even after a reboot, it’s still doing it … :frowning:

I gave up trying to unlink the old entities. Nothing I did seemed to get the Echo Dot to forget them…

I finally just deregistered the Dot and reenabled it. That finally “wiped out” all previous entities and allowed me to restart fresh. My logs are finally clean, and wifi chatter has dropped.