Emulated Hue

For a long time the emluated hue has been working and now I am getting the error below in the log in the GUI:

"## Log Details (ERROR)

Thu Sep 13 2018 22:24:10 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Failed to create HTTP server at port 8300: [Errno 99] error while attempting to bind on address (‘myhostip’, 8300): cannot assign requested address"

I did try to see if it was working with http://myhostip.8300/description.xml but as expected from the error above I got nothing in return, it does however seem that Alexa is working. I must have missed something along the way, I am currently on ver 0.75.2. and would like to upgrade to the latest version but would like to solve the errors so I don’t bring any errors with me. Any help would be appreciated.