Emulating Hue v2 (square)

Just wondering aloud … is there any benefit in having HASS being able to emulate a Philips Hue V2 box?
I know that Amazon are reported as saying the Alexa devices would not to it directly (or at least not be able to set colours) and so need a Skill to be added.
But are there other things that can talk directly to what they think is a Hue V2 system?

I ask because I read elsewhere of someone who has emulated one enough to fool the Philips Hue phone app.

Clearly it cannot be discovered through the meethue service but there might be things that could be done, especially for people who want to keep as much of the network traffic inside their home as possible.

Here is the one that I came across

Have done some more digging around and I see that OpenHAB emulated Hue V2 and they say that it works with Alexa (although V1 support needed for some (old I presume) Alexa devices.

More digging around …
Tasmota emulates Hue V1 AND supports setting color via Alexa.
I used it over the weekend with a Lumiman (Tuya) RGBW light and it works well.

Someone has posted an updated Hue component for HA that also claims to offer color … so am off to experiment.

I use it.
It is the inability of that component to emulate Hue colour lights that this thread is about.

I see from github that Color was indeed added to Emulated Hue (around April 2019 - https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/19590 ) but the docs do not reflect that.
“The virtual bridge can turn entities on/off or change the brightness of dimmable lights”

However, I see that there have been some recent changes in Dev that fix some reported issues … perhaps it was one of those issues that was affecting me.

I’ll go and do some more testing.