Enable/disable a user or view via service

My circumstances are such that I want to provide access to a view with a camera stream to a family member during certain days/hours for them to be able to monitor their child while they are under the care of another family member at my house. However, I only want them to have this access during the days/hours that they’re child is there, and remove access during other hours. If I could disable their user or the one view I’ve given them access to via a service, I could write an automation to take care of this, but I have so far failed to find anything in home assistant to do this.

Is anyone aware of a service or other way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.


Have you found a solution for you problem?
I am looking for something similar.

I still have not. Being able to automate enabling/disabling a user would be huge, but I still am not aware of how to do this, or if it’s even possible at this point.

Its been a while.

Any luck/News in this?

@jolerius I haven’t discovered how to do this if at all possible, no. I also haven’t really explored it much since shortly after asking the question.

If spook installed

service: homeassistant.disable_entity
    - person.francis

view I don’t know.