Enable/Disable phone sensors from Home Assistant

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to enable/disable phone sensor from HA automation?
For example I am using the bluetooth beacon to track my device around home but I would like to disable it while outside of home. Broadcasting unique bluetooth ID outside of my home doesn’t seem like a great idea :slight_smile:

Another example is increase/decrease the location accuracy based on event, etc.
If the feature is not present is there an official “feature request site” ot something like this?

Based on the event? You should not need to change accuracy that often. Instead you should use high accuracy mode.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Notification commands seem a bit hacky way to to achieve the desired results but it works.

I was thinking of an event like “left home”.

One thing I couldn’t find was the possibility to increase the sensor poll rate while charging. I am sending myself notifications when battery is 80% charged but there seems to be delay when the info is updated to HA. I would like to say something like “while charging updated battery every 10 sec” or something in that effect.

Actually there is command to update the sensors ‘command_update_sensors’ so I can refresh the sensors from HA when the device is charging.