Enable I2C using HassIO?

I am in the process of switching from hassbian to Hass.IO

The only problem I am having is I do not know how to enable I2C so I can see all the input and outputs on my tophats. Is there a config file I can access somewhere I am missing?

Since HASS.IO runs on a ResinOS host, you might be able to use their documentation to get it working.


I am a bit confused when it says to add the command modprobe i2c-dev to your package.json or Dockerfile. Are they referring to what we use as configuration.yaml?

I have seen many talk about .json but I am unfamiliar with what they are talking about.

not at all.

ResinOS is not exclusive to HASS.IO. Everything that ResinOS does is scripted to run Docker containers. Dockerfiles are used to script out those docker containers. A package.json is just another way to pass data or configure something (kind of like yaml)

Did you get this working? I want to use a BH1750 lux sensor but am at a loss as to how to actually edit the package.json file.

Sorry but I have not got it to work. I ended up not switching to hass.io yet.

Ok thanks. I reckon I’ll add it to my slave Pi running Raspbian and write a python script to send the readings via mqtt.