Enable passiv scene editing without yaml (no overwriting by otherwise activated lights)

Next to prominent requests like no “interactive” editing of scenes because it’s quite annoying to wait for many conditions until you can edit a scene like “Good Night” I’ve detected an other issue. If the timing is not a 100% perfect and “someone” runs through my flat to tell me that a light turned off, half off my lights that should turn off with this scene are suddenly programmed in their walk-trough state. In short:

  1. If the real environment changes, I will want to have an option to suppress changes by other Inputs than the scene UI (e.g. other automations, manual turning on or off the lights
  2. If I want to edit a scene, I want to choose if the scene should be live-edited in the real environment

Scenes don’t have a state, so (2) won’t ever work. Devices are set into their desired state, and that’s that. You need something else to “reset” them.

As for (1), you can also create scenes manually (with YAML) which won’t result in the devices being touched in any way.