Enable SSH termial server on HA docker


I installed HA on Qnap NAS using container docker method. Tried to enable SSH for easy manage from my PC. Searched net. Seems SSH is addon that mentioned in supervisor or os HA. Does anyone know how to enable SSH on HA docker. My HA version is 2023.9.3 (frontend 20230911.0-latest)

I think you want to SSH to the /config directory which is (hopefully) mapped to a location outside of the docker container. Therefore you are looking to SSH into your QNAP which (I think) you enable via the QNAP admin control panelNetwork and file servicesTelnet / SSHAllow SSH connection

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Thanks. Qnap NAS ssh is enabled as per checking with your instruction. A bit confusion. Don’t know the relationship between docker container and Qnap NAS. I thought Qnap NAS is host. docker likes a virtual machines. Am I right? Qnap NAS and Docker HA has different IP address in my case. Just like to access docker HA docker via SSH or Telnet. So I can access /config and update yaml files and etc.

VM uses its own OS and resources like cpu, memory and storage is allocated and not shared

Docker shares kernel with host OS and resources limits may be specified but otherwise basically shared. You bind mount storage locations which maps a file/folder to file/folder on host. For this reason you may ssh to host and find bind mounted docker files/folders. On QNAP you probably can just use file editor through qnap UI but i not sure.

Info here

Probably this is macvlan. In docker you may chose to only expose some ports to app, give it total access/use of host ethernet(bride mode), or macvlan creates new virtual mac address on same ethernet port to present docker app as separate device on network. Or other options as well

You can read this but it doesnt even cover half of Info about networking in docker.

Normally you would bind mount folder and ssh to host. If you created “/config” folder as volume the volume should still be accesible via ssh on host at “/var/lib/docker/volumes” on linux but for you it may be different location. Pretty sure HA container doesnt have ssh enabled and there are better ways to edit files on QNAP

thanks. If the folder sits on NAS storage, then, I should be able to find it via Qnap file station. Will check

Correct. …or you can SSH into it :slight_smile: