Enabling motion detection on new Arlo camera


I started with a single Arlo camera and I’ve been using the binary sensor created by the camera.enable_motion_detection service call (triggered by the automation noted here)

I’ve recently added two additional cameras. Once I granted access to my service account in the arlo web interface, HA discovered the additional cameras and their sensors (battery level, signal strength etc…).

Afterwards I modified my automation to include all three entities (pastebin). After a restart, I still only had the original binary sensor (named binary_sensor.front_door_camera)

I’ve also tried creating three automations, one for each camera. The results where the same, only a single binary sensor for the same original camera. Creating a new arlo account also did not seem to help.

I’m not really sure what to try next. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I apparently completely forgot my binary_sensor actually came from SmartThings with the MQTT Bridge.

I really want to completely retire my ST hub, so I continued testing. I noticed that the camera entities never change state from “idle”, even after calling the enable_motion_detection service. I don’t believe this is the desired behavior, but I’m not sure how to troubleshoot that portion any further.

Another option was to use the sensor.last_camera_name sensor, which contains a date stamp which changes when a new event is captured. The downside to this option however is the date stamp doesn’t update until after the recording finishes, so there is a considerable delay.

In the meantime I will continue to use ST to report motion activity.

Did you ever find something that works for this without the ST ?