Enbrighten 15-amp 3-way Smart Toggle Light Switch connecting to home assistant

Hello all I have been playing with Home Assistant for about a year now and have started wanting to swap out some of my plugs. I noticed this at the hardware store the other day and was wondering if any one has experience with it. It is rated for Zigbee or z-wave so should communicate with my system. I was mostly wanting to know if it works as a stand alone switch since it will be connected to home assistant. It shows as an Add on but it does not really explain what add on means ><. My best guess is that it needs a hub aka Home Assistant but I am not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Alot

Should work fine. Home assistant is the hub.

Thank you Harry I will get one and test it out then I will post back on here to say for sure. Thanks again.

This is a smart plug you are talking about I think? I have a lot of the GE Enbrighten ZigBee switches, I would not buy them again not that they are bad but there are better particularly if you are also using Z-Wave. I love Zooz for Z-Wave. You will find they are a favorite here on the forum.

It is a smart switch basically just on off for the over head lights I bought one of the sonoff zbmini’s and it works great was just alot more work to get it in the switch box. This enbrighten is only 18$ and looks like it just wires up like a regular light switch which would be substantially easier to do. At least that was my train of thought on it lol. Mostly I am trying to find easy solutions I can justify to the wife :slight_smile: :rofl: . I will check out the Zooz switches as well Thanks.