Enbrighten/Jasco outdoor plug with Esphome

Walmart is selling this Enbrighten/Jasco wifi outdoor plug for less than $6

I was wondering if someone has been able to flash them with Esphome. I have tried using the pins on the board but I can’t get it to be in flashing mode.

If you have successfully flashed it, please share your pin configuration as well.


Try shorting IO0 to GND before applying 3.3V. This should put the chip in bootloader mode.

+1, 3V3/TX/RX/GND is not enough :wink: you need to shortcut GPI0 with GND before you apply 3V3 !

I am already trying that. That’s the reason of my post.

There was no way for us to know that as you failed to mention it.

Your photo is too blurry to read the chip part number. What is it?

This is the a clear picture of the chip.

Thanks again for your help!

Unfortunately, this plug doesn’t use a esp8266 and you cannot flash it with Tasmota or Esphome. You can use it in Home Assistant using the Tuya Local integration.

I know this is an old post, but just for FYI, you might be able to cloud cutter (OTA) or easy UART flasher (wired) to load new firmware. If you use LibreTiny firmware, you can load esphome onto Beken chips. This dude has a pretty good tutorial on Cloud Cutter and you can get UART flasher: GitHub - openshwprojects/BK7231GUIFlashTool: Easy to use, GUI, BK7231T/BK7231N flash tool and GPIO config extractor for beginners. Dedicated for Windows platform, but works on Linux with Mono. This tool can automatically download latest firmware (on user request) and then do a full BK backup and then write new flash cycle. This tool replaces old bkWriter 1.60 and hid_download_py..