Encrypted RF multi-channel button

Hello, I am looking for a multi-channel (min. 4-channel) RF remote control so that I can also control my gates using physical buttons. It is important to me that the connection is encrypted.

If you already have Z-Wave setup with your home assistant instance, I would recommend the Zooz Wall Remote:

It supports S2 encrypted communication between supported Z-Wave Controllers.
It is advertised as being mounted to the wall, but you can just not mount it and it works just the same.

I use Zigbee in my installation, I’m also thinking about https://www.shelly.com/en/products/shop/shelly-blu-button1

Since cars are easy to steal nowadays and the car manufacturers have not been able to solve it.
Then I find it doubtful that a RF button from Amazon/Ali will have enough encryption to make you feel safe.

I don’t know if there are Bluetooth buttons that you can pair with your phone and have the phone trigger (if that is a possibility).
That was perhaps just a wild thought…

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Could someone describe in more detail why Bluetooth remote controls (with AES encryption, for example Shelly) or simply activation via Home Assistant are safer than radio remote controls (e.g. Somfy RTS)?

Well. RF has been sniffed for ages and you don’t need any skill whatsoever to sniff and replay it.
Bluetooth is harder but probably doable.

Phone via wifi or mobile network using TLS will be very hard to read and replay.
That uses the same security as your bank does, so… It’s safe. At least as safe as it can be

Thank you, do you know any articles/scientific works on TLS/AES security? I know that it is safe, but I need to present arguments to the person who thinks that the RF protocol is the safest ;).