End of 32bit OS?


Apologies, was not too sure if this would land under the installation topic or not.

I went to grab the URL for the Raspberry Pi 3 image and noticed the 32bit version is no longer listed within the installation guide?

I was wondering what that means for the 32bit systems that are currently running?

I originally tried the x64 image but it was not as stable, random crashes, bluetooth dongle going offline, system locking up (when I was away from home), restarting the home assistant was hit or miss if it would come back online.

Switched to the 32bit image and it has been a dream so far.

I thought I would setup a staging unit, fortunately I had downloaded the x86 image file but it also still seems the original url from my image creation is still valid as well (as Balena downloaded it from the history list).

I will most definitely look to move to x64 once I can get my hands on a Pi4 4GB or 8GB model. At the moment I only have had access to some Pi3 Model B v1.2 which do not warrant 32bit.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Go to the releases page.

Thank you.

On installation guide page:

There used to be 4 tabs, Pi4 32 & 64bit and Pi3 32 & 64bit for download… it is just 2 now, both for Pi4 and Pi3 64bit/

I was just curious on how the development/support path was looking for 32bit, just due to the issues that I have had with running the Pi3 with 64bit