End of the road for iPad 3 (iOS 9.3.6)?

With the recent deprecation and now removal of the old States UI, it looks like my old iPad is useless when it comes to HA. It was a matter of time as there’s a dozen other apps I can’t update because the iOS version is so old. iOS 9.3.6 is the highest version iOS it can support. This means I have to use the old HA iOS app. I thought the iPad supported Lovelace because I could still view about 95% of my front end except for the few Lovelace cards I had (Alarm Card, Dark Sky Card, and a couple other built in). I’m guessing it was viewing a hybrid States UI but couldn’t render the specific Lovelace parts. I never clicked the “use States UI for this device” which is under the developer tools. As soon as I updated HA to 0.107, my front end in the old app disappeared. I can still send notifications, etc, just can’t view any entities.

So anyway, I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas what I could do or if it truly is the end of the road for my iPad. I’d like to keep using the iPad for HA as a whole home remote. I’m too entrenched in the Apple-verse so an Android or other type tablet isn’t an ideal solution. I may just go buy a more recent model iPad.

Same situation. Any luck loading 3rd party browsers and accessing Lovelace?

You can install Firefox and Opera Mini from the App Store (at least those are the two I had installed and could try), but I just get the initializing screen and can’t even get to the login screen. I believe this is due to the level of javascript supported by the OS, not by the browser.

Someone posted this in another thread regarding old iPads that don’t support newer browser tech:

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I don’t understand why you iPad 3 is stuck on that version? My iPad 3 mini is on and working fine with Lovelace. Unless there is a difference between iPad and iPad Mini as far as iOS version goes? I will admit that the iPad Mini 3 is starting to get noticeably more sluggish compared to iPad Mini 4 though?

the iPad 3 and iPad mini 3 are different. the iPad 3 was released in March 2012 and can only update as far as iOS 9.3.6. the iPad mini 3 was released in October 2014 and has newer hardware and can support up to iOS 12.4.6.

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Cheers for that.

Im just writing to say how happy I am to have revived my Ipad 3 2012 so I could utilize it for a HA Dashboard. I will share a step by step in the long post linked above by squirtbrnr, where I learned that this is still possible. Ipad 3s are such a great hardware machine that it would be a big waste throwing it away or selling back to Apple for 1 USD. Now you can utilize the for simple HA Dashboards. Check out my post on the above link.

is the above solution for you guys still working?

I have the following tool versions and I get only a black screen when opening http://RASPBERRY_IP:5800 in Safari on my iPad.

  • iPad 3 / iOS 9.3.5
  • Home Assistant 2022.11.1
  • Firefox v101.0.1-r0 / Docker Image v22.10.3

When I open the same page on my MacBook it’s loaded correctly.