End of wash sensor


Sorry for my english.
I live in a four apartments building, which has a shared “dumb” washing machine.
I’d like to build something that warns me when the machine is done washing, in order to avoid overlapping others washing time slot.

I thought about an Android app which can sense when the washing program is at the end by using the phone’s accelerometer and getting that state into home assistant, by querying the phone or by calling a REST web server.

Do you know some good app that can serve for this purpose?

Why not using a power plug that detects power monitoring?

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Probably because - shared space in Apartment building - thus op doesn’t have control of the area and unsure if the building super would even allow plugging in a device like that. (Hint, I have a friend who owns apartments and he would say no - liability issue)

I also wouldn’t use the phone - using the accelerometer would require you to leave the phone. I don’t know about you, but I’m not leaving my phone in a shared space for an hour. THis is one of the cases where I’d probably look at something like an ESP32 based accelerometer and put it in a project box then do something like this:
Vibration Sensor for ESPHome/Home Assistant (github.com)

(note: I haven’t searched through the project GitHub to determine if it’s directly applicable, but the title included dryer… Should be exactly what you’re looking for.)

Then your issue will be getting the ESP32 device on a Wifi network you can control - does your Wifi reach the laundry?

Would even a mounted outlet be stolen?

Then washing will be over for the neighbors too… :slight_smile:


Welcome @akappa ! It would be a ‘fun’, read money and time pit, to try and build a ‘industrial’ strength LoRA IP9999;-) water proof battery powered vibration sensing ball that you could throw into your washer and dryer clothes load and have it detect the end of cycles and transmit…

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