Endless Pairing Loops for some devices

Today I migrated my Zigbee network from a Tasmotized Sonoff Zbridge connected via a socket to a Conbee 2 and ZHA to improve reliability. Things went pretty good, although it was a PITA to repair things.

Most of my devices paired fine, but I have some Lidl Zigbee LED strips and color bulbs which seem to be having a weird issue, which looks a bit like this:

  • Put the bulbs into pairing mode, they begin flashing
  • Start discovery
  • Discovery finds the bulbs as usual, they blink and interviewing starts
  • After a bit, the devices are marked as " The device is ready to use", light goes solid
  • A few seconds later, the light starts blinking again, like it’s in pairing mode again and ZHA tries to pair with it yet again

The devices get stuck in this endless pairing loop, and I can only control them for a few seconds between the " The device is ready to use" state, and before they loose their minds and look to pair again. These worked fine with the Sonoff Zbridge before, with ZHA.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I have the same problem with my Conbee II and INNR and IKEA Lights.

I found a solution for my INNR and IKEA Lights. I had to turn off the Light after …

When I turned on the light again (I waited a for 2 minutes) it was connected to ZHA and I could turn off/on the lights in Home Assistant


I have te same problem since yesterday. It is driving me crazy. This is maybe my 10th light bulb and this has never happened.
I do not know how to troubleshoot this. Where should I look for more details?

Did you ever come up with a solution for this? I have the some problem. For some devices you can cut the power after pairing, but not for all…
Incredibly annoying.