Eneco Toon Thermostat humidity sensor

After a failure of my first Toon thermostat i’ve got a replacement now. It’s a new model. The software is the same, the HA core integration works flawlessly.
But there is something new in this device. A humidity sensor.

I would like very much, if someone can manage to make this sensor available in the HA core integration.
Please… :wink:

I’m ready to offer any help within my possibility, if the coder needs to have a look in a device, he does not have him self.

Somehow i have the feeling, that no one reads this. Is there a better place to place this question?

Maybe my question is wrongly posted? If so, tell me, what can i change to get an answer… thanks.

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Is there really no one person beside me, who would like to see that sensor working? :frowning:

The humidity sensor was added recently.

Still could not find mine here… but had to manually enable sensor.humidity as one of the 2 unavailable entities. Then had to wait for a half a minute and put them in a Dashboard in order to see the value. Excellent stuff.
My extra entry in the YAML code of the simple-thermostat card, in order to get it neatly below the measured temperature:

  - entity: sensor.humidity

exactly the way, I did it too.
Found it between disabled sensors, enable it and wait for it to get loaded. :wink:

Think the Toon integration needs a tiny overhaul.
I also noticed that tariff 1 and 2 is swapped… :sweat_smile:

Like more users, I was looking for a way to get sensor data from my Toon2 thermostat in Home assistant. I wanted the Humidity data in a dashboard.

I made it work by creating a restfull sensor to retrieve data from the toon2, and used a template sensor to import the data from the humidity json.

- platform: rest
  name: Toon2Sensors
  unique_id: Toon2sensors
  resource: http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx/tsc/sensors (fill in the Toon2 ip adres)
  method: GET
  scan_interval: 30 
  value_template: 'OK'
  - temperature
  - humidity
  - tvoc
  - eco2
  - intensity

in a template i made this entry:

      unique_id: kantoor_luchtvochtigheid
      value_template: "{{ state_attr('sensor.toon2sensors', 'humidity') }}"
      unit_of_measurement: '%'
      friendly_name: Kantoor Luchtvochtigheid