Energy: Add forecast


Thank you for the new energy panel! Working great!

Please also add predicted values of energy consumption (and cost) based on historical data.
For current day, week and month.
I currently calculate it myself in a template sensor but would be nice to have it “built in” and shown in the energy panel. Also, perhaps you can calculate it smarter than what I have done.


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that is an awesome idea!
right now i am also using a template put it would fit much better in the energy panel! only talking about the consumption like Nicklas suggested
@flixlix: I guess integrating the expected sun hours (including angle of attack) would be far more difficult… and is an additional topic

This is exactly what I am currently looking for / trying to figure out how to do. I now have over 1 year of electricity usage in HA. There should be a way of using that data to forecast future usage. This would be incredibly useful with solar forecast and use that for example to decide how much to charge home battery from the grid overnight using cheap tariff.
@jeti would you be so kind and share your template

Have a look at EMHASS. It’s rather difficult to set up, but it can do all sorts of forecasts and optimizations of battery usage etc. Might be what you’re looking for.