Energy and periodically changing costs

Can someone explain to me how changing Energy costs are processed in Home Assistant?

For example,
I’m currently setting a fixed price for high, low tariff and gas costs by specifying a static price, as I have no way to automate this yet (I get notified by mail monthly what my new tariffs will be).
Every month I change these figures accordingly.

With this in mind I have some questions:

  1. When I change the price, will this new price be applied to all previous usage as well, or does Home Assistant take into account when I changed the static price and only use the new price going forward from that date and keep the previous price for when that was configured?
  2. If it’s applied to all previous used energy as well, how can I use changing prices to track yearly costs?
  3. If it’s based on when I changed the price in HA, is there a way to apply the new price to a specific date range afterwards or am I stuck with the moment I entered the new price?

Hi. Did you figure this out? I have a tariff price change coming up.

Hi Matt. I never got a reply as you see, but did some experimenting myself. It seems option 3 is the the actual behavior as should be expected. This means you can/should change the value on the date the actual change takes place and all energy usage after that date will be using those values.

Thanks, that’s what I’ve learned, too. My price value is obtained automatically, so I shouldn’t have to do anything. Fingers crossed…