Energy: Avoided gas consumption - Solar thermal production (STE)

It will be intersting to allow entities that avoid consumption (like PV) but in the GAS section of the energy dashboard and allow to insert individual devices also.
This can be useful to the ones that have solar panels for heating water and/or heating recovery sytems.
Just for example, in my case, i have an entity (heat meter) that show me the Kw/h (thermal unit) for the heating recovery system that i can convert (if necessary) to litres or Kgs of GPL or natural gas multiply to constants (density, heater efficency…).
It will be intersting also to have the choice for the name of that dashboard (selectable from GAS or HEATING or watherver…) beacause if you have an electrical heat pump and you know the efficency costant you can monitor the heating energy separately from the electrical energy.

what do you think about ?