Energy: can not remove undefined entity


Unfortunately the sensor name of my fronius inverter for the total “produced energy” seemed to change it’s name after the latest upgrade.

I now added the new sensor but unfortunately, I can not remove the old ones as there is no edit icon:

Any idea?


Oh thats unfortunate.
The old Fronius integration didn’t provide any unique_ids so this entity was never added to the entity_registry. Upside of this is you can probably just define template sensor with the same entity_id, remove the entity from the energy configuration and delete the template sensor again.
I’m not 100% sure if this works or maybe there is a better way, but I guess this will do.

Anyway I think this is a UX bug and you should probably raise an issue at Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub targeting the energy integration (not Fronius as this could happen with any other sensor without unique_id).

Thanks, creating a template sensor to be able to remove it worked.

Also created an issue on github

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It looks like AC voltage has been removed. Is it the same for others?

We have high voltage and I really like seeing it in Home Assistant.

If you refer to the Fronius integration: some entities are deactivated by default. you can reactivate them in the devices menu

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I had this same problem. I was able to zoom in my web browser and HA’s UI scaled up and I could press the delete button like normal.