Energy cards not working properly in custom dashboard

Hello there,
I’ve been trying to incorporate energy cards into my dashboard but I’m getting no data shown. Anyone has idea how to make it work? Been trying to find solution but was not successful.

Nobody knows?

Hi, do have the same issue here, any ideas how to solve this?
Did found a same request, Energy cards added to custom dashboards are broken but this seems not the problem here.

To be more clear, see below screenshot, top one is a custom HACS, bottom one is the standard card, in copy of the energy HA standard,

type: energy-distribution
link_dashboard: true

In the built-in Energy dashboard it is working perfectly, see second screenshot.(sorry, not allowed to have two screenshots as a new user, will paste it in a new reply.)

Nobody who can help us out here?
Would be great to solve and understand this!

I have the same issue:
Graphs are fine in energy board

,but not in my custom card:

For me the same, only the “type: energy-date-selection” is working.
All other charts are fine in Energy Dashboard, but in a custom board they do not work.

Strangely it sometimes appears on different devices (e.g. my wifes phone), but not on mine…

have you find a solution ?
I´ve the same issue and i can replicate it …

Notebook - create energy card – runs and shows Bars and Values
Log on a Tablett (same time) - open Browser and access the dashboard - on both units the Values and bars disapears.

Switch Tablet off - refresh Browser on Notebook - Values and bars are back (!)

But i have no idea to sove it …

unfortunately still same situation

Hi there - same problem. On the Standard Energy Dashboard I have all values, but any costum dashbard I try to build even with standard energy cards I get no value displayed. Anybody has the solution, or bug of HA?

Ok found the bug: it’s the custom:energy-period-selector-plus, which does affect costum energy dashboards. If replaced with standard one then data is loaded properly in the costum dashboard

I can confirm the bug. I deleted the Date selection card plus and a few minutes later, all cards worked.
Them I add the Date selection Card plus and all value disapeared.

Hello, by the way, also the standard date selection card doesnt work. But I have to say, that in another dashboard, I have got still the plus date selection card integrated.