Energy charts on regular dashboard?


I’m new to Home-Assistant. I installed it on a raspberrypi and added my shelly 3 em and solar pannels.
So far, I’m happy with the ‘Energy’ Dashboard.

But I would like to show that information on a regular ‘Dashboard’, and I don’t seem to find a way to do it.
I searched on the internet, and I read through this community/forum. But the search key-words give me a hard time - or it is so obvious how to do it, that I’m too blind to see it. :thinking:

Is there a way to add the energy consumption and solar production charts to a regular dashboard?

Reason: I want to show it on a wall mounted screen, but with all sorts of other information. So I don’t want to display the ‘Energy’ dashboard, but a regular dashboard - I just want to inlcude the energy related diagrams from the ‘Energy’ dashboard.

I appreciate you hints and recommendation. And I appologize for my noob’ish start with home assistant.

Docs here:


Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was on that page several times, but I didn’t understand, that I can add a card manually. :laughing:

Now I know how to add a new card and just enter the ‘type’. :bulb: