Energy Configuration for Growatt Inverters

I have also been struggling to setup my Growatt in the Energy function. The Growatt descriptions are very confusing at times. I have two Growatt inverters installed, so I also need to take this into consideration.

My configuration looks like this:
Grid consumption:
A Import from grid total
B Import from grid total

Return to grid:
Nothing (I am not sending any power into the grid)

Solar production:
Total Lifetime energy output (this is the one that confused me)

Battery systems:
A Lifetime storaged charged
A Lifetime Storage production
B Lifetime storaged charged
B Lifetime Storage production

Devices: (not sure if this is correct)
A Lifetime load consumption
B Lifetime load consumption

The graphs look correct now. I will still monitor a day or so to check if it still looks fine.
Please add your configs.

@Expecho @muppet3000

No, my Home consumption does not tie up. Any suggestions? Looks like the direct consumption from the solar to my home is not shown correctly.

Hi @Ewert_Snyman sorry for the delayed response, I’ve taken a screen grab of my configuration which is working perfectly for my mix/hybrid system.

I’m guessing you have a “storage” system instead of a “hybrid” system.

Did it continue to work correctly after the first day?

These are the only fields that I can select from:

I am connecting to the non US Growatt server. I am not sure if this may influence the data naming and what is available for selection.

Sorry for only responding now.