Energy configuration wh


I get my total consumption increasing value back in wh instead of kwh. This is a reading from KNX. Ever since I use HomeAssistant I configured a template sensor that devides the knx sensor with factor 1000. This gives me the kwh value.

Any idea how I can use this with the new Energy management system in HomeAssistant?

→ adding the state_class to the template sensor is not supported

2021-09-20 13_04_06-Developer Tools - Home Assistant

→ or is the Energy application capable of reading the “unit_of_measurement: Wh” from my KNX sensor?


The energy dashboard can convert from Wh to kWh. You can just try - if an entity is selectable it should work.

I have similar issue, I can add the entity to the dashboard just fine but the numbers on the graph are all 0.