Energy Consumption for Neo Coolcam Plug

Hi, I have a couple of Neo Coolcam Smart Plug in my home, it already pairing, and show me some data, but I’m confused how to calculate the power consumption, I’ve been reading some thread in this forum, closest one is this one, but no solution there too.
I have done the utility meter in my config, but the numbers are weird,energy

This is all the entities that come with this devices

If anyone have any experienced with this Neo Coolcam plug, please help me.
Thank you before

Aren’t the device’s own entities for Energy (kWh) and Power (W) what you need?

Yes, the devices have its own kWh, but the number shown is weird, as you can see in the picture, it show -2147 kWh.
How can I use the number to calculate my real kWh ?

For as far as I know, you cant. Have a couple of these devices as well and I suspect there is a bug in the device reporting weird numbers. I publish the values to MQTT and the listener for this will only accept positive values, and I see that from time to time the value is correct.

The negative values are a bug in a range of Neo plugs. (2018-2019 models as far as I could find)

Either you must filter out the bad values (so only positive values in this case) or start working on calculating with the W value if that reports correctly. Or return the devices and switch to something different.

So, I’m not the only one with those problem.
What if I calculated the kWh just using Watt and Interval that the device provided, how do I calculate them ?

Edit: I see, sometimes its return right value, but sometimes it return wrong value, the wrong value is always at -21474764, so, how do you eliminate the negative value ?energymtrt

I think the filter component should be able to do that, but not sure on the right syntax:

The Outlier filter ( `outlier` ) is a basic Band-pass filter, as it cuts out any value outside a specific range.

A further note on this, IF it reports values, then in my experience they are out by a factor of 2. I am using one, which was using roughly 250W/hr (which matches the consumption of attached gear) but the consumed energy after a 8 hour sustained period reported 4Kwh, while 8*250W is still 2Kwh. so the reported consumed energy is wrong as well.

Any solution to this issue yet?? (I see that they have solved it at homey’s app)

Probably no update on this? Not much Coolcam plug users in here :slight_smile:

Still have the issue. No fix I think :-/

This is not an ONLY problem of coolcam plugs.
When it turned off, it can report -2147488… kWh. Only way - reset it to zero.
Sometimes it can lost neighbors. It can be a huge problem for network.
It’s a cheapest device, but it so buggy :slight_smile:

Only solution - make a trigger logic “If consumtion < 0 then reset meter values”.

Does some of you have an automation example for such a thing ?

Thanks, what is this ? Is it included in hass ? I have never saw this before.

I guess its NodeRED flow/automation

Yeap! I think it is crap, I’ve wasted o lot of time trying to make them work (3 pcs) not only they loose neighbors, they have terrible signal reception and they almost cant work with secure inclusion (s2) and as mentioned here, they even cant report proper energy usage :slight_smile: avoid at al times! :wink:

I don’t like HASS internal authomation, It’s a NodeRED, flow-based tool by IBM staff.
With HASS integration and MQTT integration (and much more).
Generally, you can do some things from HASS.
“When KWH value <0; send MQTT message to Zw2M: metering reset”

Two of them works in S2 mode.
You can use it, if you want only remote-controlled-socket, nothing more.
In my environments, it used as internet-router watchdog, etc. For devices with very low consumtion, because i dont’t thrust to quality of high power schematics of Neo.

Per 10 Neo sockets:
2 of them have kWh, less, then 0.
1: button light can’t be controlled by configuration (always on)
3: Lost neighbors.

I have 3 Neo and I’m able to include them as S2 Unauthenticated.

It seems to be compatible to S2 Authenticated too, but do you have the 5 digit DSK asked ?
I have tried 00000 and 12345 but without Success.

1 plug does not report anything, even after a reset
1 plug report negative value
1 plug is OK.

All of them have the same FW. (NAS-WR01ZE 2.23)

No issue with button light, haven’t seen any problem about neighbors but maybe I don’t how to see that.

I will have a look at NodeRED. I have heard of it, but I have never try