Energy consumption reading - Sweden


Has anyone looked into integrating Metry to HA to get the energy consumption straight into HA without installing additional energy measuring sensors?

There is a free service that provide the information from all the large power grid service providers in Sweden and they seem to have a proper API for it…


Hi Alexander, I spotted your post. I live in Sweden and would find this kind of integration into Home Assistant very useful in order to track the energy consumption. Did you find any existing integration that can be used? I am myself not a developer so hoping for some luck, this whould be useful to quite many people. Cheers, Micke

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately not. Some energy providers such as Tibber seem to provide this service but I am relying on a separate energy meter.

Tibber has this one: Pulse P1 - Ta pulsen på ditt hem ⚡️ Tibber Store
Already integrated with Home Assistant

this is not “Sweden” related, but I don’t want to open a new discussion for Germany.

yes, the pulse and the Watty are a nice and clean solution, but I think we can’t get the pulse or the Watty here in Germany (at the moment).
also there is no possible way to hook something like these two to many everymeters in Germany.
In my case, booth of my energy meters only have a S0 “interface” and a blinking LED.
does that mean we are “screwed”?

what about this?:

I think that would be a great way to, at least, get a daily consumption statistic going, without the need to hack together a S0-reader for the entry-meter.

Cheers, Phil

Hopefully, that can be added at some point: Tibber integration to include get_historic_data from pyTibber - #3 by Danielhiversen

Regarding Sweden, I was just told by a friend that Greenely (which is somewhat similar to Tibber) can provide basic consumption data for free by requesting that data from the power grid. I just started the process in their app, and it takes a while for that initiation process to happen (~2 weeks).

There seems to be a custom HA component for it here: GitHub - linsvensson/sensor.greenely: Custom component to get usage data and prices from Greenely for Home Assistant

I’m not sure if individuals can request access to the source API they use directly, but I will dig in more.