Energy Cost calculation in The Netherlands with "saldering", based on solar production

Hi all,

struggling with the configuration for energy cost calculation in the case of solar energy production and the so-called “saldering”.
Saldering means that during the energy contract period the produced energy is distracted from the used energy at the same price. If you use more energy than produced you have to pay your usage, if you have produced more than used, you get a fee back.

On top of that, we also have fixed yearly costs added and cost/taxes based on usage.

Who has already an example worked out how to deal with this scenario in HA Energy in The Netherlands?


Hi Jan,

Not sure what your setup is like, but I have a smartgateway hooked up to the P1 port of my electricity meter.

This provides data on power consumed from (Energy Consumption tarif 1 and 2) and returned (Energy Production tarif 1 and 2) to the power grid, which I mapped in the energy dashboard.

I “just” gave those metrics the same values. The “saldering” is different as I subtract one amount of EUR from the other, instead of Kwh, but at the bottom-line it’s exactly the same.

As for the fixed costs, there apparently are quite a few examples to be found through Google, the first link is this feature request, which has some examples and implementations in the comments.

I personally am totally leaving that out of the picture in HA, especially now with the tax deduction from the government. I’m fine with just knowing the cost of the electricity itself (or better, my Net usage).

I hope you can get it sorted!

I ran into the same issues. You should in fact be able to configure on the energy tab if surplus energy is deducted from used energy before cost is calculated.



That is correct, at the moment things don’t add up

I struggle with the same. Does anybody found a solution already?