Energy cost for individual devices

Hi Guys,

would it be possible to bring cost metrics like they are available for “Electricity grid” also to “individual devices”.

Sometimes we have individual devices like for example a lawn robot or pool pump where it would be interesting to calculate and see the device related cost data. (“How much does my pool/whirlpool cost a month?”

Regards Manuel

Have you seen this ? GitHub - bramstroker/homeassistant-powercalc: Custom component to calculate estimated power consumption of lights and other appliances

hi, looks like a funny thing but does not cover the issue described above.

„… which don’t have a build in power meter“

I am talking about the existing section for „individual devices“ within the new Energy dashboard. :slight_smile: its possible to add devices with build in power meter here but no cost calculation is possible for them at the moment.

Ah, I misunderstood your question sorry

See Energy: Cost for the individual devices

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