Energy: Cost for the individual devices

We have a nice setting for the cost calculation on the main energy consumption entities. But we are missing the same option for the individual devices.
It is easy to add a template sensor to calculate cost but this will be on the lovelace UI not on Energy dashboard.
Adding a cost calculation like in the main energy consumption would be much appreciated.

I can see this being useful for devices on a controlled load in Australia.


I agree

I will like to see individual items in more details. Does not missing much to make it great. I would like to see Graphics and Stats after selecting the individual item. The view should be customizable like Lovelace UI. Could easily see all data about this item including sensor and other entity related to that fonction.


I would love to see this.

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In Estonia electorcity price changes every hour and it would be very good to see not only individual devices enegy consumption but also cost. As i know the price ahead 24h I have scheduled my pool heating and EV charging so that i use cheaper electricity. It would be good to see in the graph as well energy used vs cost.

At the moment workaround has been to put every device under Sources for that, but i will get the Shelly EM and my PV isntalled next month and aftter that this workaround is not working


I didn’t dare to ask ;-).

One could also think about grouping devices. E.g., this or that room consumes so much so that the kids could check how much they spent (which works better when they get something in return for consuming less).

Equivalent cost per year is something I like to work with. For instance if the consumption is for 1 week, then multiply by 52.15 weeks to get the annual consumption (which could just be shown in the hover popup).


Grouping would be nice. For example group by type (lightning, HVAC, etc) and by room as well. Maybe even some kind of drill down or expandable view which you can either collapse or expand for detailed overview:

-Living room light
-Kitchen Light
-Outdoor light


  • ventilation
  • heater
  • AC

I would love to get support for this, or at least access to the KWh values logged by the Energy dashboard.

Most of my individual sensors are Shellys, that don´t expose “Energy today” kind of values, like Tasmota ones do.

I tried doing this today and realized I would have to make a bunch of Utility meters first, then another bunch of Template sensors. My approach doesn’t scale too well :slight_smile:


With some configuration, grouping devices is possible.
For the moment, the device consumptions are not totaled together to determine the “remaining” consumption, so I think it does not matter that some “devices” correspond to shared consumption:

How to do it is explained by the (author of the) powercalc integration:


I add individual device as a electricity source just to see running costs. Which is pretty stupid.


I was looking for this, then I realized that is not included.
This would be a very nice.

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I was searching how to do this and came across this thread – I’m surprised it’s not been implemented already.

In my situation I have my total usage coming directly from my meter, and then I have a tonne of energy sensors (real and virtual,) so I’d like to see:

  • the cost of each entity/sensor
  • the percentage of the total kwh used per device
  • the amount unaccounted for
  • the cost/percentage used per group of devices
  • information given in a better layout than having to scroll through a list of 100 entities all placed vertically

I’d absolutely love to see the ability to track prices on a daily basis against individual devices coming in. I have a time-of-day cost sensor setup, and it’s working great with the whole-of-house cost prediction/calculation, I’d love to be able to see it doing the same thing, but for the individual devices reporting energy usage.

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When this is resolved, it’s likely this other request is also resolved:

Energy: Toggle between usage and cost

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Just a plus one for this. There are a lot of wish-fors in this thread, but starting small: Place a cost column on the Monitor Individual Devices table as it exists on the Sources table.


A plus one from me too. I would love to see this Implemented. I have hourly price and the easiest way I found so far to track individual consumers was to add them as sources.

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I am hosting some devices and i would love to see how much it cost me in power to host these devices.


A solution would be to add each devices in Grid consumption and make a template sensor giving total consumption (ie. sensor on the meter) minus each devices consumption but it’s not ideal. At all.

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Yes, please!

I have been thinking about this for a while and would really love to see this happening!

Start easy, maybe add a column on the current energy dashboard on the right with the costs that occurred for the device in the chosen timeframe?
It would be so, so encouraging to see that something that consumed X kWh actually was cheaper than something else that ran another time of the day but consumed X-y kWh !

e.g. I have my boiler to run every night (when it’s cheapest) and electric floor heating only on when it’s cheap energy.

I realise that this may be a complicated calculation if you have three main channels coming in with different prices / own production on some channels, not others. - But this might be easier than I think?


yes, something like this, really, doesn’t seem super complex to add as the kwh information already do exist :

also, it would be convenient, (on another phase if too complex to implement) to allow people to enter separate kwh prices based on time and weekdays.