Energy cost per appliance


Is there a way to calculate and show the energy costs per appliance per week/month ?
My energy price changes every hour and is stored in : sensor.current_electricity_market_price

I would like to know costs of my car charger (wallbox) , washing machine, dryer, etc.

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Easiest would probably be to add a smart plug with power consumption measurement to the devices you want to keep track of. On your car charger depending on the model you might already have it, same with the car it self.

here is the essence of how to calculate the total price based on electricity consumption and variable electricity price

Exactly, measuring consumption is not the problem, I,m already doing that, its the cost calculation that is the challenge

I do that in the energy dashboard by using data from Nordpool. I suppose you could create some template sensors to get the individual devices? Ignore that the price is listed as a negative, we actually have negative electricity prices here today.

Yes I already have that but, as your screenshot is showing also, I want to see price per appliance, not total

Easy to add a template sensor and show the cost (per week/month) in lovelace ?
Would work for me but if it’s that easy, can you tell me how to do it then ?

There’s a long thread on the topic, you could probably get some ideas from there (linked in previous post). Good luck :slight_smile: