Energy cost reset - how?

Is it possible to reset the energy cost in the dashboard? If so, how, please?

I am busy setting up the energy integration and made an order of magnitude error with the cost so need to reset this but cannot figure out how. I have searched online but cannot find the solution.

Things I’ve tried:

*removed and re-added the consumption names (with restarts)
*removed consumption names and removed storage/energy then re-added consumption names following reboot

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

You can adjust the energy values in Developer Tools > Statistics.

Fantastic - thanks for the help, @tom_l

I had a logical gap in one of my sensors and because of this a drop in the values


How can I fix them. I expected to find a minus something in the sensor at the drop time, which I wanted to delete, but no, nothing there. Any way to correct such values?

Click on your sensor in your dashboard to show the history. Click on “More”. Use the history page date picker to narrow down really close to the time the spike occurred.

Select that time and date here and you should be able to adjust it to the average of the value either side of the spike:

Thanks. But this is what I said. I cannot find there anything about the drop, which I want to remove.



Yes, the rebuild is there, and yes a total_increasing sensor should not have a minus somewhere. But if it is there, how to remove it?

BTW any plans to have the list longer, scrollable, that you cannot only see 20 minutes?