Energy Dashbaord for small balcony solar with Deye SUN600 inverter and solarman integration

I run a small balcony solar system producing max 600 W. My inverter is the Deye 600 connected to HA via the solarman integration. Production is reported with 0.1 accuracy.

When I add the production to the energy dashboard, I assume I need to configure the Daily Production sensor and not the Total Production sensor?
I actually use the Total Production, as I do with my (two) consumer sensors. But with this I see netto production of 15 kWh, although I have produced just 6 kWh.

If I configure it with Daily Production as i.e. discussed here, it’s for smaller PV plants with low production fairly useless.

But with a small solar system the daily production often (half of a cloudy day) reports just 0.0 kWh. The total consumption summarizes those small parts and would be more nearer to the truth.

Assumed your panels produce (just to explain) 0,09 kWh per day.
Daily day 1: 0,0 kWh - Total day 1 0.0 kWh → Daily day 1: 0.0 kWh
Daily day 2: 0.0 kWh - Total day 2 0.1 kWh → Daily day 2: 0.1 kWh
Daily day 3: 0.0 kWh - Total day 3 0.2 kWh → Daily day 3: 0.1 kWh

Here my values from today: Started with Daily: 0.0 and Total 6.0. During the day Total switched to 6.1 although the Daily was still 0 (till end of day).

Hey I do have the same problem.

Does someone know how it is possible to calculate an hourly yield? Since the data from the current output is already logged I am pretty sure it could be sumed up and then divided by the hour?