Energy dashboard: add heatpump and car

Our house is heated with a heatpump instead of gas. I also have an electric vehicle.
I’m guessing more and more people will come into this situation. To be able to keep track of the electricity used for the household, heating and car it would be nice if this could be added to the dashboard.

Right now I’ve set the car and heatpump as a seperate electric device, but their energy usage is so bit, that other devices almost dissappear on the chart.

As a workaround you could report the energy used by the heat-pump as gas usage. The energy dashboard configuration allows reporting gas consumption in kWh(thermal). Fortunately HA does not care if kWh reported are thermal energy or electric energy. This way I was able to quickly see the energy my electric water heater used.

Yea, that’s an idea. Might be better than setting it up as seperate device. Would be nice if I could change the title to heatpump instead of gas then.
But the car is my biggest consumption, espcially in summer so it would be nice to have a seperate entry for that. More and more people will drive hybrid or EV’s.

You can add these as seperate sensors to the top total energy graph instead of the bottom individual devices graph.

All you have to do is set up a template sensor to replace your grid import sensor so that the amounts consumed by these devices are not counted twice.

See: How can i display my incoming energy monitor together with multiple single

I found that, but it’s not giving the nice overview I’m looking for. I would like to see a separate chart for the EV just like you have for gas usage.

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