Energy Dashboard and timezones

I found an “issue” with the Energy Dashboard and timezones. Following scenario…my HomeAssistant is based, well…at home. So in the european timezone. All good so far, but…I travel quite a bit for work and see that when I am in a different time zone, the energy dashboard starts reporting based on that timezone.
So basically all my energy readings are offsetted to match the timezone my app is in. This of course looks strange and I think it is not correct, since that should just always be based on the timezone where the Homeassistant is located.

Anyone else noticed this and is there anything I can do to change this?

Energy Dashboard in correct local time:

Energy Dashboard how it is displayed in my app:

This is how all frontend times are displayed, not just for the energy dashboard, sensor graphs too.

The frontend uses your web browser time.

And I agree, it really should not. Please vote here: