Home timezone display in browser

I’m currently at a location 6 hours behind my home timezone.

Nearly all times showing the browser (graphs etc…, with the exception of sensor.time) are for my current local timezone (UTC +5) rather than my actual home timezone (UTC +11) where the HA server is located.

This is really confusing. “No, the alarm wasn’t armed at 1am, it was 7am, etc…”

Can the frontend be set to use the home timezone no matter where the client is located?

Totally agree. Have a vacation home 9h ahead and it takes cryptic math to figure out what is going on when. Local browser time has almost no meanings for a home entity that sits on another part of the globe.

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For chrome there is a workaround that seems to work for displaying a home local to its timezone:

That extension allows you to change the timezone for any website you visit. You can setup the extension to only be active on your HA URL. It will only work on you PC/MAC and not on any mobile device, but its a start. It immediately makes it clear that home data really only makes sense in its home location time zone.