Energy Dashboard - Compare

The compare in the energy dashboard is nice, but if I show the data for a month and do the compare it compares with the previous month. What I would like to see is a compare with the same month last year, so that I can easily see how much more or less energy I use than during the same days last year. So on January 6th, 2024 (today) I would like to see the comparison with January 2023. Comparing with December 2023, as it is now, doesn’t make that much sense, especially when it’s f.e. September and it’s being compared with, the usually over here slightly hotter, August.

Select the year view to compare months. It can seem unintuitive unless you realise that

  • the year view shows monthly totals
  • the monthly and weekly views show daily totals
  • the daily view shows hourly totals

Thank you for your reply, Tom.

That is an option I’m aware of and I use it occassionally but it would be nice if you can compare the current month with the same month last year to track differences. So compare Jan 1st 2024 with Jan 1st 2023 etc.