Energy Dashboard Comparison to match Billing cycles

I don’t think there is a way in the current Energy Dashboard to compare my Energy Dashboard with my actual bill from my Electricity supplier? Is there?

My Electricity bill is monthly from 11th of the month to the 10th of the following month.
It would be ideal if I could compare HA Energy data with this billing data.

My thinking would be that if there was a selectable FROM TO Date input on the selection section rather than or in addition to the current selections.

Probably on the wish list but thought I would ask.

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Good point. I would also like to have the ability to have the “years” match my contract years. The contract year does not run from January through December, but from July to June.

Suggest to raise this as a feature request… I like this too

Since creating this thread and not seeing a great deal of response I decided to look further.

A solution that I found and utilized was implementing InfluxDB and Grafana. There are plenty of videos out there on how to do this task.
I am using a ShelleyEM in my Switchboard to monitor House Load/consumption and Generation. I am also using a HA Glow to monitor LED pulses on my Electricity meter.

Note, House Load is not the same as Consumption. Consumption can be made up of Imported and Solar energy or purely imported,

Once I got my head some what around Grafana I came up with My Energy Monitoring Dashboard.

It has taken me some months to debug it and I am not sure that I have them all yet. There was quite a steep learning curve, for me anyway.

Screen shot taken about 08:00am

The above is what I finished up with. The dashboard updates every 30 seconds…

  1. Reflects daily energy. These entities are created with the use of HA Helpers and reset at midnight each day
  2. Reflects our Monthly Energy Provider’s billing cycle. Our cycle goes from the 10th of the Month to the 11th of the next month. Again HA Helpers are used to create the entities.
  3. Shows me individual Power usage where sensors are in place. From these sensors I can determine Monitored load
  4. Gives me a view of the current state of power being Imported, generated and house load.
  5. I am using HA Glow to monitor the LED Pulses on my Electricity Meter and this is a view of the soft counter and give me an idea of what the manual meter reading would be. I used this as a validation cross reference.
  6. This is an entity taken from the Ecowitt HACS integration and gives me an idea of how much sunshine is currently available for the solar system.

I am running my HA on an Intel NUC i3 with 256GB SSD. Since implementing InfluxDB and Grafana my disk usage has doubled (in the space of about 3 months) so I would not try this on a RPi using an SD card. However I am still only using about 15% of the /Home space so no worries with space so far.

The great thing about this is InfludDB stores the history. Sometime a bit puzzling on how to select the data but I am learning how to do that.

With this dashboard I can quickly observe if there is energy/power being used when I don’t want it to be. For example if there is an air conditioner left on or some other high/medium powered device. One example is when an electric kettle is turned on, it’s immediately apparent. Another is lights left on in my shed.
These things are particular to my situation but you get the idea?

This Dashboard complements the HA Energy Dashboard.