Energy Dashboard - converting gas consumption to kWh and sum up with Electricity


Would be good the total energy consumption would take into account gas and not only electricity as it is now, as it is easy way to convert m3 to kWh, of course the conversion requires convertion rate (in my case it is approximately 1m3 = 11,23kW). In my case (Poland) gas provider sells in reality kWh and not m3 as gas not always has the same gas calorific value. So the gas meter shows m3, but gas provider knows the average calorific value in the sell period time and calculate based on that delivered number of kWh, if course the price is based on kWh and not m3 even if meter measure m3. This conversion rate = calorific value could be definied in energy configuration dashbord in the place Gas sources are added.

Thanks to that on the energy dashboard we could see energy consumption from electricity sockets in kWh, gas consumption in m3 and Total energy consumption in kWh but including gas, so real Total.

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Same here in Belgium. Gas is invoiced is in kwh and not m³. Please make a conversion factor available in the dashboard. Please consider that this conversion factor could change during the time. So the idea is : if a new value of conversion is introduced only the gas consumption after this time should be changed. Older data should keep the previous introduced factor. In Belgium every month a new factor is calculate by the grid manager.