Energy Dashboard - device details

I would like to see the energy usage distribution (24h) by the devices
Today we have 2 different graphs

  • the energy-usage-graph where we can see the total consumption by hours and (if configured) the split between the tariffs
  • the energy-devices-graph where we can see the overall consumption by devices

If we combine this 2 different information we can see when (in the 24h) a device consumes energy
This can be helpful when we don’t have a meter for every device, or when we are able to measure only a subset of devices;
in this way we can try to figure out what additional devices are drying energy (eg. night lights vs dryer)
Another use case can be validating the quality of the collected metered data, eg. if we are tracking the dryer with a dedicated meter but the measure is wrong, and we are getting an unexpected amount

In general, this view can help people to digger into what are the different entities that concur to the main energy consumption and try to understand if there is a better way to distribute the load (eg. the dryer usually takes 3h, but in the same time there is also the dishwasher running), today is not clear at first glance if there is any better optimization


For me the main purpose of adding devices to the energy-usage-graph would be to see daily, weekly, monthly, yearly statistics about devices consumption (ie. did I spent more in heating this year compared to previous year?) - without the need of creating many statistics-graph cards.

Ideally, I would like to have a dropdown to switch between total energy and devices.


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See also: Entities selection in the "energy-usage-graph" graph

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Since I don’t have a smart utility meter, I just add all the devices with power meters at the first block, so they’re all summed up in a nice graph.

Definitely waiting for this to stop being a workaround of something that should be ready since the launch :))