Energy Dashboard discrepancy/question related to Gas Meter

Just doing this as a hobby I suppose but there’s really not much sense to including my gas meter into the Energy dashboard as the usage is usually zero most of the time. Unable to actually use the rate of gas used as it isn’t supported in this setup, I am only able to use the gas meter value - but in the graphics I am going to show I don’t understand the discrepancy here (HA changes the number!)?

Here’s the gas meter and I am using an ESP32-CAM with “AI-On-The-Edge” to gather this data by using AI to read the meter (as 557,600 Cubic Feet):

Then of course to get that reading into HA I am using MQTT:

Note the correct same value is here (557,600):

And although these sensors are available (this “AI-On-The-Edge” is really terrific):

… I am only allowed to add one sensor for Gas usage to the Energy Dashboard:

and here you can see that same exact sensor (which has a value of 557,600 remember!) has been added:

So, why does it say 552,024 and not 557,600 whitch is the actual value of that sensor (and is the only gas sensor) added into the Energy dashboard?

The above 552,024 cubic feet is the displayed value for a sensor that has an actual value of 557,600 cubic feet! Why?

And I do have another somewhat unrelated question… How come the ESP32-CAM has been running at about 180°F as shown in the third and fourth screen shots (in other words 77°C in the first screen shot) above* (it only takes a photo and then does it’s processing magic once ever 5 minutes, which takes about 45 seconds to do, then it is (or should be) idle the rest of the time)? I cannot bring the temperature down by normal means as it has to be enclosed inside a tube…? (Note, this is in a basement of a house with central air conditioning which even in a heat wave is still a cool 65°F, so it is in a very cool spot already, so it has to be almost 3x the ambient room temp?)

Thanks to all

(*This model ESP32-CAM has 4 Gig of RAM and a 4 Gig SanDisk MicroSD Card - if those play into the high temp - ?)

You are comparing actual with statistics …statistics always run behind from the moment they get hourly updated.

You are right of course but there is an added nuance too, that COMPLETELY resolves any concerns that I have had about this… the actual value yesterday was 355,600 cubic feet total, and today the actual is now 355,700. since the starting data was a wonky number near zero when I was first getting it set up and configured, and then the actual first reading was correct, it was showing the difference which weas logically the correct usage calculation during that period. So, rightly so and as it should be, it is showing only 100 cubc feet, as that has been the latest usage change recorded. Now I am VERY psyched and ready to stand up another for my water meter… Once I have that added and then a day or two of data, I’ll update the below graphic… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


You can go in statistics and edit the wrong value, so your energy history isn’t influenced by the error.

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Thanks that is corrected now