Energy Dashboard: Energy Consumption of individual devices too high

Hi Home Assistant Community,

I have one overall energy sensor for the engergy consumption of the whole house and multiple individual device sensors for various devices but somehow the energy dashboard is not showing the energy consumption of the individual devices correctly as it can ben seen in the screenshot below:

On the energy dasbhaord the graph for the washing machine shows 1,67kWh for the day but if I open the daily energy sensor for the washing machine it shows that only 0,685kWh were consumed today. Why do they differ over 1kWh? Same behaviour can be seen for other devices as well. Do I use the wrong utility meter in this energy dashboard or is there some strange bug I don’t know about?

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Interesting! The source of the energy dashboard should be an ever increasing sensor. What you are showing here is a daily sensor. Could you share the graph of the integration sensor too?

So you are saying that I should be using the Total Energy Sensor instead of the Daily Utility Meter? But somehow the total energy sensor does not show up in the list of available sensors when selecting the entity in the energy dashboard. Do I need to create a utility meter which is not resetting? It was working so far with the daily energy sensors up until now with the latest release.
With integration sensor you mean the sensor the utility meter uses as input?

In the energy dashboard you should use sensors that not get reset like daily sensors. Instead you should use sensors that only increase (like integration sensors)