Energy dashboard entities problem. (entities didn't be updated?)

Hi Guys,
My entities in energy dashboard always were the 2 items. (even through I deleted them)
My emporia / shelly and tesla wall connector all cannot be showed in energy dashboard.
I have tried as follows.
0. always these 2 entities, even though I deleted the two entities, it still shows it.

  1. state_class: total_increasing / total / measurement
  2. last_reset: 1970-01-01T00:00:00+08:00
  3. reboot / wait for a few days.
  4. create sensor template
    (I tried in core 2023.06.1 and 2023.07.1)

Have any idea? I have no idea to solve why my energy entities cannot show on energy dashboard

I found the root cause that I disabled “recorder”. It seems the history data is necessary for energy dashboard