Energy Dashboard got wrong data, no way to clear it

My Tesla Powerwall disconnected from my wifi network. When it reconnected my energy dashboard numbers went crazy high.


A bit sad because this will screw up my monthly, yearly statistics I was looking forward to. I cannot find any way to correct this bad data or to flag it as bad. It seems that there should be a mechanism for this.


I have also this problem but with my meters:
I calculate the Values for getting energy and delivering energy to/from the net in node red and it works fine. But today i made the update to 2021.9.x and now it shows me not the values of today but the total values
so instead of 10kWh i see 736kwh consumtion today an so on

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I got exactly the same issue. Insanely high solar production reported on several days, while the source from Solarman states normal values. I see no option to fix it. Would love a feature for this.

the only way to fix this kind of issues is by recalculating the statistics in your database manually.

Most of the time, the issue is a result from the following scenario:

The sensor is increasing constantly.
With every new statistic calculation, it will recalculate the last state with the new one - and create a sum.

for example:
10:00 - Value: 130 kWh - Sum: 0 kWh
11:00 - Value: 145 kWh - Sum: 15 kWh
12:00 - Value: 150 kWh - Sum: 20 kWh

During a Disconnect, it might be, that the Sensor becomes unavailable - or drop to 0 (depending on the integration or template)

continuing with the example above:

12:00 - Value: 150 kWh - Sum: 20 kWh
13:00 - Value: 0 kWh - Sum: 20 kWh (Disconnection timeframe)
14:00 - Value: 0 kWh - Sum: 20 kWh (Disconnection continues)

Now, the connection comes back - and the sensor value will be restored:

14:00 - Value: 0 kWh - Sum: 20 kWh (Disconnection continues)
15:00 - Value: 150 kWh - Sum: 170 kWh (Connection restored, sensor will be reset to its previous value)

Unfortunately, this is an issue which can happen for most integrations - and manual sensors which are added to the Energy Dashboard - and it is nearly impossible to cover those scenarios.
The best option would be to catch the situation that the sensor will be reset to 0 when it will become unavailable.
This needs to be done by either the integration - or within your template.

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