Energy Dashboard - Graph showing inconsistent data Battery Usage - Solis API


I’ve been experiencing an issue with my energy dashboard related to the battery usage graph. Occasionally, the graph displays my battery usage under “gained energy” (down) and other times it shows it under “used energy”. This inconsistency wasn’t present before. Here is a screenshot of the graph:

I’ve checked my sensor config and they seem to be correct. I haven’t made any significant changes to the system, and it seems that the HACS solis integration does give the usage data properly to the dashboard.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, I don’t have Solis, but double check that you put the right sensors in the energy dashboard and check the sensor values for logical correctnes.
With only the screenshot from the energy dashboard I can’t help you further. Also post the dashboard config and the sensor history.

What do you mean by logical correctness? You can find the setup for the dashboard, and solis sensors below:


I tried changing the energy storage to the entities with the total charge, but they update not as regularly as the daily charge. Sometimes it takes a few hours before the sensor changes. The daily sensor updates a few times an hour most of the time.

Thanks in advance!